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04 May 2014
The recently popular game – Flappy Bird – has been taken down by their author Dong Nguyen. The rumor claimed it is taken down due to appropriate force from Nintendo whose Tremendous Mario Bros has been reported to be Flappy Bird's source of inspiration. This rumor is refused by Nintendo's associates though. Since the 9th of March 2014, the overall game isn't offered to get anymore.

Following Flappy Bird faded from the Android Industry, lots of clones are prepared to download. This game Awkward Bird is one of many best. The gameplay is very similar to Flappy Bird. It manages to rip both Upset Birds and Flappy Birds off at the same time. And it gets more than 10 million packages in very short time of time.

It's said that the Cumbersome Bird's survival is at an increased risk because the dragons stole their important eggs. The Awkward Birds have to chase the dragons and take their eggs back. It's the player's job to greatly help and lead them flying through all sort of limitations to get their eggs.

To perform, only touch the monitor and they'll flap their small wings. Discharge finger and they will travel a little lower. The player's work is to ensure the bird doesn't run into the obstacles in 60 seconds. It's the simpleness which make players around the world addicted to this game. Even though gameplay is easy, but it's very frustrating and hard to play. Below are a few tips to have large rating:
  • The bigger the screen of the device, the simpler it gets. The gamer can see the overall game more obviously as it is bigger and the hand does not protect it.
  • Tap in the place so it generally does not stop the monitor
  • Wear airplane method therefore nothing may disturb while enjoying
  • Beat is everything. Learn the flow it can travel through any pipes.
  • Be relaxed and patient. That sport does not work without patient. Find more online games at


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