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07 Mar 2014
Alchemy is a great traditional puzzle sport that needs guiding of varied subject contaminants from a big web which more requires scrolling across the screen to see everything. Through different stages of the overall game, the player is estimated to improve the states of varied particles found. 

The overall game is started with just four aspects including earth, water, air and fire. Players would just hold and drag them over other elements to use and effort making a new mixture of elements. When a brand new element looks it automatically provides back once again to player's inventory for more mixing and inventing of new elements. 

The term Alchemy is simply the training of turning bottom metals into other metals. This is later changed to become various branch of Science as Chemistry. This is the topic of the game which needs transformation of matter between three different identified claims i.e. Water, Sold and Gas. The player is estimated to resolve various puzzles the moment possible to become get more bonus items predicated on fast inventions of different matters. Crystal leader board trails down all achievements and rewards of the player. 

Finally, when the gamer has ample amount of elements, the organizing case columns are used to pick this element organizations and dragging to the proper combination of the factor groups. Number of tips obtained and progress of acquiring 462 things is shown at the top of the screen. The collected touch factors can be redeemed to purchase data on the best way to learn unlocked elements. This could be a value at par of the portion value or it is actually a higher value than the particular price of the element. 

Losing of the returns is shown by way of appear and the clock ticking. It is quite hard to resolve all levels of the game in first attempt and the prize and hint process of the game motivates the people to replay the overall game until the same is learned by the player.

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