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07 Mar 2014
After the incredible accomplishment of "Angry Birds" a similar title sport has been presented by the Indian matrimonial website named as "Angry Brides".The motive of this game is to provide data against dowry techniques and its influence in India matrimonial system. 

Dowry is not merely considered as the needed cost by the groom's family during the time of relationship but also all of the requirements and the gifts called for a family of girls, even with her marriage. "Angry Brides" on line sport is really a intelligent energy to make people aware about dowry system and encouraging them to say NO to dowry.

The overall game has various degrees to enjoy where solution of numerous domestic tools has been given to the angry brides. Every time "Angry Bride" visitors her one of the three prospective partners, i.e. an engineer, a doctor and a pilot, the ball player obtain the score. Most of the generated scores more adds up in the "anti-dowry fund" 

A lady is known as the source of energy, love, care, pleasure, kindness and several more. The same has been revealed on the landing site of "Upset Brides" when an eight-armed woman in red shows fuming side of a lady to express NO to dowry. Unlike different on the web activities we also provide many different house items to use in a casino game like frying pot, moving pins and broomsticks etc. 

Though there are so several weapons to make use of but moving hooks, stilettos and flip-flops would be the tools mainly getting used to battle dowry. That sport has been produced realistic as you are able to as it could be. You will find groomed in the game with a high dowry price. The people need to smack the grooms with the tools of these choice. Every successful punch will decrease the buying price of the groom and earning amount will proceed to the player's Anti-dowry fund. For the recognition against dowry system, players can publish exactly the same on the schedule and may also twitter with their timeline.

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